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The new year begins… tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…


After winter the growing season begins again.  Of course there are things that can be grown over winter, but from March/April onwards seeds need to be sown in earnest and the hard work begins.   I have recently cleaned out the greenhouse and for the first time bought some tomato plants to put in the grow bags.

Why? You might ask.  Well, every other year I have grown my own, but I never seem to get fruit until September which means many of them don’t ripen.  Unfortunately I have limited space in the house for starting them off early and my greenhouse is not heated.  I noticed last week that the local garden centre had some excellent specimens for reasonable prices so this week I decided to spend a total of £7.50 on a selection of 8 plants.

They are far more developed than my seedlings have ever been at this point of the year, some are even starting to develop flower trusses!

Another new method I am trying this year is only planting 2 tomatoes in each grow bag instead of 3.  Also I am ‘extending’ the grow bags (so-to-speak) by placing in pots that we have cut the bottoms out of to allow the roots to grow freely and which allows me to  add more compost.  Finally, for watering I have sunk a smaller pot in the middle of the two plants.  I shall see how successful this method turns out to be over the coming months…


In the meantime…


I am growing tomatoes in my greenhouse at home rather than on the allotment.  In the past I have found tomatoes grown on the allotment succumb to blight before the tomatoes are ripe.

I have had this greenhouse since I was about 10 years old.  My parents bought it for me and it lived at their house for many years until arriving in my back garden some 20 years later!  I have upgraded it to include a vented window which I found on sale at B&Q for the princely sum of £10, a real bargain!

I am growing several varieties of tomato:  Purple Ukraine, Money Maker and Gardeners Delight.