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The allotment bursts into life!


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Lots and lots of ladybirds on the allotment and forget-me-nots too!!  Ok… yes, they might be weeds, but they are very beautiful ones!!!


Welcome to my allotment


Welcome to my allotment!  It is one of approximately 40 plots on a really well designed site.  I am particularly lucky with regards to its location as it is in the centre of the site and not overshadowed by any walls or trees therefore affording it as much sunshine as possible all year round.  Additionally I have the water tap for that area too.

You’ll notice that I have a small concrete shed on my plot, all the plots on this site have exactly the same sheds.  We are actually not allowed to change them or put up our own as you might be able to on different sites.  This is not a problem at all though, they are ample size for all my tools and shelter two people when it’s raining!

My plot is classed as a large plot and is one of the largest on the site. Because of its size I’m able to have a decent fruit section, a dedicated crop rotation area and a small flower garden at the front.  I must admit that we only inherited this plot a little under a year ago and it was in really great condition.  This meant that a lot of the layout had already been implemented.  I have of course tweaked it to my requirements this year with the addition of a dedicated herb garden and we are in the throes of building a new compost heap towards the back of the plot.

I have been watching the flower garden over the past year to see what grows.  There seems little point trying to change it until I know what plants are already there.  Happily it seems to be well established with some very healthy and beautiful plants that have proved to have a long flowering season.

The fruiting area at the back is also well established, however, I have planted more rhubarb brought over from my old plot and this autumn/winter I will be looking at removing some of the oldest fruit bushes.