Allotment pickings…


August is a great month for reaping the rewards of your hard work over the past year.  So much is ready on the allotment.  I have already had strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, loganberries, Charlotte salad potatoes, beetroot, carrots and lettuce.  Today I have harvested Arran Pilot potatoes, purple climbing beans, green stringless beans, an over-grown yellow courgette as well as a couple of swedes.

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I bought all the seed potatoes I used this year from our allotment shop.  A truly wonderful place which is open from spring to late autumn, every Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 – 12pm.  It is manned by allotment members and can be used by anyone from the public who is willing to pay a £1 annual membership fee.  Prices are great and products include compost, grow bags, lawn foods and weeders, netting, bamboo canes just to name a few.

I bought my green climbing beans, ‘Cobra beans’, as a packet of seeds from Golden Days Garden Centre and they have proved really successful, additionally I also bought a single yellow courgette plant which is producing more than enough courgettes for myself and my husband!

The purple climbing beans were the last remaining few from a packet I bought 3 years ago now from The Real Seed Catalogue, ‘Cosse Violette’ Purple Pole Bean‘ – they have proved very successful and have an excellent taste. The beans are a beautiful deep purple, however when you boil or steam them they turn green at the point when they are ready to eat.  Another benefit is that, in my experience, they freeze exceptionally well and this is very important when you grow far too many beans to eat in one go and provides a way of enjoying your home-grown veg out of season.


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